MATINEE Photo Book available now!

Between 1983 and 1985, New York City photographer Drew Carolan began photographing patrons of the now-infamous hardcore matinees that were going on at seminal underground music club, CBGB. During the week, Carolan was working as an assistant to legendary portrait photographer Richard Avedon, and on weekends he set up a makeshift studio across the street from CBGB and intercepted kids on their way to the all-ages afternoon shows. The result is a collection of photographs capturing the beauty, vulnerability, and the unbridled energy of youth during the height of the Reagan years. The Bowery at that time was a true melting pot of downtrodden adults, underage hardcore punk kids, and people living on the fringes of society. Now, more that thirty years later, all of that has disappeared and a copacetic, prosperous, and gentrified element has taken its place. While the hardcore punk scene still thrives today, these photographs capture a time and place in history that no longer exists.

Nearly 2 years in the making, Radio Raheem is proud to offer this collection of Carolan's photos in a beautiful 10"x10" hardcover volume featuring nearly 150 pages of images.

MATINEE is available in two flavors:
1. Stand-alone version: Just the book!
2. Deluxe version, including:
- The book
- 20"x30" poster
- Signed 8"x10" print set
- 7" record featuring exclusive 1983-1985 era live tracks by Death Before Dishonor, Antidote, The Psychos, Blood, The Mob, and Hellbent
- Housed in a foil-stamped, case-wrapped box

Deluxe version is limited to 500 copies. All versions include a free, immediate MP3 download of the 7".

Click the image below to order!

Posted on September 20th, 2017
Out of hibernation for 2017...

RRHQ went into a little bit of a deep sleep in 2016, but we are back with the first two of many new releases slated for this year.

SOREX - Portrait of a Prisoner LP

Hailing from Redondo Beach, California, Sorex released just a single 7” EP – three tracks of no-fi, snotty-yet-abrasive beach hardcore – in a 200-copy micro pressing in 1985, and played a scant dozen or so shows up and down the California coast before fading into hardcore record collector obscurity.

Radio Raheem’s crack team of hardcore archaeologists have since managed to rescue Sorex’s elusive EP from the collector ghetto and tack on 17 additional tracks, culled from the band’s 1984 demo tape and sessions for a never- released 1985 LP, all accompanied by a 16-page, full-color booklet full of rare photos, flyers and ephemera. Limited to 500 copies.

SMART DADS - Bummer Summer LP

In our humble opinion, San Antonio, Texas’ the Smart Dads are the embodiment of lo-fi cassette punk at its finest. This LP contains the only recorded output by this short-lived group of military school misfits, who self-released a 7-track cassette in 1982 with an obnoxious 7”-sized insert, inconveniently housed in an oversized zip-lock bag with a badge clipped to the front. The title track — or any of the other 6 tracks, for that matter — would have found the perfect home on Bloodstains Across Texas or any of the Killed By Death volumes, had it made it to vinyl during the band’s original tenure. This record is a testament to what we at Radio Raheem HQ love — 100% junk, full-on punk, completely sincere, and scarcely heard.

One time pressing of 300 copies complete with 12-page, full-color booklet and silk screened vinyl B-side. Mail order copies include reproductions of the original 1.25” button designs.


On deck we have releases by Acid Attack, Sarcasm, Insanity, Hellbent, Against, and the NYHC legends The Psychos -- not to mention our first foray into publishing with the long awaited Matinee photo book project and Tri-X Noise, a collection of photos by Texas legend Bill Daniel. Both of those should be up for sale soon with exclusive mail-order only special editions. More details on both soon!

Posted on March 16th, 2017
New releases and represses

Hey there... long time, no update. Things have been moving at a sub-leisurely pace over at Radio Raheem HQ, so we decided to break the boredom with a couple new releases: a fancy new reissue from New Zealand's leading oi-boys NO TAG, and the definitive collection of lost material by Wales' THE VENOM. Both are limited (500 and 600, respectively) and we don't have a ton of copies on hand, so don't miss 'em!

Also the AGNOSTIC FRONT No One Rules LP is back in stock (third pressing!) for anyone still looking for a copy.

Posted on November 19th, 2015
AGNOSTIC FRONT LPs shipping now

After a few small setbacks with the inserts, we finally have the AF LP's on hand and ready ship after the weekend. Apologies to anyone who has been waiting, you won't be disappointed. 

Posted on January 31st, 2015